E-Discovery & Document Management

Lejurex Advantage

  • Intelligent review tools and best practices to ensure swiftness in document review
  • Best-in-class technology. Backed by an IT firm
  • Fully scalable onshore and offshore document review

Electronic Discovery or e-Discovery is the process of discovering in litigation that deals with information in intangible electronic format, usually accompanied by metadata.

Today, E-discovery has become a daily challenge for the Legal fraternity. With the cost and volume of data for discovery being clearly linked, containing the cost of discovery is the greatest challenge for most organizations. Thus, shrinking the volume of data is the best way to reduce costs, facilitate greater cost predictability, and subsequently to accelerate the Data Access. Approaches for reducing volumes identified by participants include targeted collections, early case assessment, data analytics, and post-review archiving.

We harness our document review and e-discovery expertise to provide a seamless, efficient electronic discovery solution from Early Case Assessment through production. Our E-discovery process, comprises of processes for searching electronic data with the intent of using it as a relevant evidence in a law suit, or in response to regulatory inquiries. Our E-Discovery processes includes the collection of information from computers and servers, as well as the reduction of data volumes with advanced filtering techniques to eliminate redundant information, such that attorneys can limit their review to only relevant information. We can also customize data filtering to match the needs of your case, thus, reducing the burden of reviewing vast amounts of electronic data.

Lejurex offers the following E-Discovery & Document Review services:

  • Discovery Consulting & Processing (Culling, De-duplication, Metadata Extraction)
  • Data & Tape Indexing & Restoration
  • Document Coding & Indexing
  • First Level & Advanced¬† Document Strategy Review
  • Relevance & Privilege Review