Intellectual Property & Patent Litigation Services

Lejurex Advantage

  • Minimizing the dollar costs and the time incurred
  • Experienced Patent Attorneys

Intellectual property litigation can not only be the most expensive, but also disruptive. It requires great amount of management time and attention to be diverted from running the business to prosecuting or defending the litigation. The Lejurex Intellectual Property & Patent Litigation division delivers high quality intellectual property services that ensures protection of intellectual property and minimizes the likelihood of litigation. We set realistic goals for a successful conclusion and deliver highly developed IP services to ensure protection and also ensure that all patent-related details have been studied thoroughly.

Our Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation Services allow in-house counsel and law firms to efficiently manage and grow their intellectual property practice to maximize the gains realized from their patent portfolio.

We offer the following Intellectual Property Services:

Patent Prosecution

  • Drafting Patent Applications
  • Responding to Office Actions
  • Patentability / Novelty Searches

Patent Litigation

  • Pre-Trial Investigation
  • Document Review
  • Review of Technical Specifications, Documents and Inventor Notebooks
  • Claim Construction
  • Invalidity Search & Assessment
  • Claim Chart Preparation
  • Collaboration with Client’s Expert Witnesses
  • Review of Adverse Party’s Expert Reports

Patent Opinions

  • Freedom To Operate/Right To Use Clearance Reports
  • Invalidity Analysis
  • Non-Infringement Analysis
  • Prior-Art Searches

Patent Portfolio Management

  • Identifying Critical Patents
  • Identifying Strategic Patents
  • Identifying Patents that present Licensing Opportunities
  • Identifying Patents for Abandonment Consideration

Competitive and Portfolio Development

  • Landscape Reports
  • Patent Monitoring Services
  • IP Due Diligence