Contract Management

Lejurex Advantage

  • State-of-the-art contract management platform
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Implement best industry practice and framework

Today most organizations maintain thousands of contracts without a streamlined process. This leads to redundant inconsistencies, numerous delays and overlooked contractual terms.

Lejurex offers a centralized and streamlined contract management process with efficient management of resources. Our team will assist your in-house legal departments with contract management services encompassing business functions such as Business Development, Sales, procurement and compliance. This will help increase contract visibility, improve contract workflow, quantifies revenue implications of contracts across an organization.

We offer the following Contract Management Services:

Policies, Templates and Playbooks

  • Template Consolidation / Maintenance
  • Negotiation Playbook Creation / Refresh

Drafting and Negotiations

  • RFx Support
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations Support
  • Approval/Escalation Routing

Contract Enforcement

  • Commitment Management/Vendor Governance
  • Obligation Management

Audits, Reports and Governance

  • Contractual Risk Analysis
  • Maintaining Contracts in Audit Ready State
  • Periodic /Ad-hoc Reporting

Contract and Subcontract Management

  • Electronic Contract Repository Creation / Maintenance
  • Outsourcing Due Diligence and Transition
  • Change Management
  • Certification Management
  • Software License Management
  • Partner Management