Corporate Due Diligence

Lejurex Advantage

  • Robust Due Diligence process
  • Extensive cross-border Research

Mergers and Acquisitions require great manpower and resources to identify critical information across numerous documents. This process is highly time-consuming and expensive.

Lejurex's corporate due diligence professionals are discreet in handling unconventional business problems. They have expertise in providing high quality deep background reports and strive to produce actionable intelligence, which is carefully pieced together from various sources.

Lejurex ensures your due diligence has the appropriate resources to thoroughly assess risks and to deliver the highest quality services within the required deadlines. We implement rigorous process and quality controls with the most dedicated lawyers. This way our client's can save a substantial percentage of the legal costs involved in these transactions, and free up resources to concentrate on the core aspects of the transaction.

We offer the following Paralegal Services:

  • Pre/Post Merger/Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Integration Activities
  • Public Companies Corporate Profiles
  • Preparation of Disclosure Schedules
  • Securitization